EwF, your experienced and sincere partner in CSR

Corporate social responsibility and self-reliance are wonderful ways of making our world liveable again. That's why EwF (Entrepreneurs Without Frontiers) has been committed to empowerment since 2007 and that's why we now have Lignaverda, in partnership with Energy Lab. And gladly also in cooperation with your company.

Time is running out. Climate change is transforming more and more fertile soil in Africa into desert. This must stop now, because within thirty years the damage will be irreversible. Hunger and poverty are exacerbating deforestation and causing conflicts between population groups. We are all feeling the consequences.

The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation - supported by the World Bank - is building the Great Green Wall, straight through the continent. EwF's reforestation project forms a strong link here.

EwF works bottom-up, creating maximum commitment and avoiding corruption from above. We set two conditions for the local population: to subscribe to the principle of equality between women and men, and to spend part of the income on children's education.

Men, women and children will receive training in sowing - with home-grown indigenous seeds - and managing the agroforest. All products supplied by the agroforest are for their own use. Surplus tomatoes, onions, carrots, potatoes, aubergines, honey from wild bees, hay and straw ... are sold at local markets.

The well-fed cattle weigh up to three times more than in the past and therefore yield much more. In addition, the breeding of grasses into fuel bricks provides additional income. The trees we plant are worth more alive than felled. Acacia senegal, for example, provides plenty of gum arabic, Balanites provides excellent oil for cosmetics and Moringa provides a powerful nutritional supplement. Each and every one of these products is coveted on the international market.