Energy Lab, your trained sparring partner

A healthy mind in a healthy body is our most precious asset. Personally and as an employee. With Lignaverda, you can effortlessly organise a pleasant sporting challenge with positive results for the entire company. And for our planet.

To this end, EwF - specialised in the balance between economics, ecology and sociology - and Energy Lab - the driving force behind Start 2 Run, among other things - join forces. Energy Lab has the right knowledge and extensive experience to get your employees excited about more exercise. Each at their own level.

The digital challenge platform KeepMoving makes it easy for you and your colleagues to take part in Lignaverda. Our goal: to involve and activate as many people as possible for a healthier and more productive (working) life. KeepMoving offers a wide range of low-threshold sports challenges that vary in content, difficulty and duration. Depending on your wishes and the size of your organisation. Either way, we'll make it an achievable proposition for everyone.

It is a plug-and-play concept, allowing your employees to register and link their activity tracking apps in just a few clicks. After that, they can immediately start logging their performance. All achievements are tracked and displayed in real time. Depending on the chosen challenge, this live data is visualised in different feeds, giving you useful insights. Perfect if you want to be close to your employees and aspire to a more open and horizontal corporate culture.